We develop systems and tools to build sustainable, inclusive, healthy value chains in coffee and cocoa 


OUR services include:

General Consulting Service

Vuna has wide experience in providing tailor-made solutions to help companies and non profit organizations in strengthening their value chain programs at origin and marketing strategies in consuming countries. We have been very successful in the following areas: 

  • Organizational development
  • Production and Processing Techniques, mainly for green coffee production
  • Financial Literacy and Price Risk Management Training
  • Value chain assessment and strategies
  • Marketing and commercialization strategies


Vuna is expanding their work to design and implement value chain development programs in partnership with non profit organizations, producer organizations and private companies committed to supporting specific value chains in origin countries.

Currently Vuna is collaborating with Progreso, Coffee Quality Institute and Winrock International to implement the Institutional Development for Myanmar Smallholder Communities program. This program aims to support the formation of the first small-holder coffee producer organization in Myanmar, with the aim of facilitating access to high premium foreign markets and trade finance.


Vuna has the unique opportunity to meet and interact with exciting coffee and cocoa origins very frequently. It also has the opportunity to discover and taste unique profiles. For this reason, Vuna is committed to collaborate with like minded trading companies to source high quality coffees and cocoa to sell in the high premium European and US markets. This year Vuna is set to source high quality specialty coffees lots from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and Brazil.

Vuna is also in the process of establishing its own Price Risk Management Strategies helpdesk and shop. Soon companies will be able to purchase financial products (i.e. traded options) through Vuna’s own independent trading account and take advantage of a coordinated Price Risk Management strategy. Companies that in the past simply could not access financial products to manage price volatility, can now do so by working directly with Vuna.